8th Social Studies

Chapter 4 Section 2

Pages 75-81

Trivia Questions


1 Fundamental Order provided settlers with a ………government in all American Colonies? (Democratic)

1 Of the 4 New England Colonies, which one was the largest both in area and in population? (MA)

1 Pilgrims harvested corn and other crops for which meal? (1st Thanksgiving)

1 What # state is Maine? (23rd)

1 What are the people who travel on Religious journeys called? (Pilgrims)

1 What is the name of the first college started in English Colonies? (Harvard)

1 What was the name of the ship that was given to the Pilgrims? (Mayflower)

1 What was the name of the woman who held religious meetings in her own home? (Ann Hutchinson)

1 When Reverend Thomas Hooker led a group of people out of MA in 1636, where did they go? (CT River Valley)

1 Which group of settlers does this refer to? Brilliant, Narrow-minded, Stubborn (Puritans)

1 Which New England group of settlers came to America in GREAT numbers? ( Puitans)

1 Which of the 4 New England colonies is the SECOND OLDEST? (MA)

1 Which of the 4 New England colonies was the leader from the start? (MA)

1 Which of the 4 New England Colonies was the smallest? (RI)

1 Which state was the first New England Colony? (MA)

1 Who were the first group to successfully settle in New England? (Pilgrims)

1 What was the major reason why colonists came to New England? (Religion)

2 How had Samoset (Indian who welcomed the Pilgrims) learn the English language? (From English sailors who fished off the islands of New England)

2 How many passengers came over on the Mayflower? (About 100)

2 How many settled areas were taken over by Puritans in New England? (3)

2 Name fist 4 New England Colonies/States (MA, RI, CT, NH)

2 Only the members of what church could vote and hold office? (Puritan church)

2 Pilgrims moved from England to the Netherlands then finally to where? (New England)

2 Puritans were well educated in which country? (England)

2 The Puritans wanted to stay within the Church of ……..(England)

2 What New England state set up first public school in English Colonies? (MA)

2 What was the name of the worlds first written constitution? (Fundamental Orders)

2 What was the purpose of Harvard College? (Train Puritan minsters)

2 What year did Maine become it’s own state? (1820)

2 Which New England group of settlers were better educated, the Pilgrims or the Puritans? (Puritans)

2 Which New England group of settlers wanted to "Purify" the church? (Puritans)

2 Which state/colony offered refuge to persons disagreeing with church leaders of MA? (Rhode Island)

2 Which states Colony decided to be governed by Fundamental Order? (CT)

2 Who believed that the Indians should be paid for land that Puritans settled on? (Roger Williams)

2 Who expressed views in sermon at Plymouth and Salem? (Roger Williams)

2 Virginia Colonists were members of what church? (Church Of England)

3 In the Puritans colony, who had a great deal of influence? (Puritan Minsters)

3 Pilgrims moved from England to what country? (Netherlands)

3 The first winter was hard for the Pilgrims. How many members died that first winter? (44)

3 The Puritans wanted a more simple form of ……….(Church Organization)

3 The Puritans wanted church governed by it’s worshipers than by ……..(Bishop)

3 What did Samoset offer to the Conolists? (Friendship)

3 Where did the Puritans settle? (Coast of MA)

3 Which New England group of settlers organized MA Bay Colony before they left England? (Puritans)

3 Who Believed that Puritan church leaders had too much control over MA government?

(Roger Williams)

3 Who disagreed with other Puritan Ministers? (Roger Williams)

3 Who passed the Education Law? (Puritans)

3 Who wanted separate Church and State? (Roger Williams)

3 Why did Pilgrims move to Netherlands? ( So they could worship as they pleased)

3/ Name the first 2 groups of settlers to New England. (Pilgrims & Puritans)

4 ????Who was elected governor 30 times? (William Bradford)????

4 A group of people left MA for 2 reasons. (Felt their voice in gov. was not strong, Find

a better farmland than MA)

4 In what 3 ways did the Puritans prosper? (Fishing, Trading, Shipbuilding)

4 Name 3 reasons why the colonists survived the colony. (Living quietly, working hard,

worshiping God)

4 The Puritans based their laws on what 2 guidelines? (Bible, Puritan beliefs)

4 What 2 things did Pilgrim children start to do in the Netherlands? (Started to learn Dutch language and Dutch ways)

4 What are Separatists? (Pilgrims who wanted to separate from Church Of England)

4 What did Squanto teach the Pilgrims? (How to hunt, fish and grow corn)

4 What did the Pilgrims exchange for the money and the ship? (Share of all profits earned after 7 years in America)

4 What was the main reason for the School Law? (To educate children so they could read and study the bible)

4 What was the Mayflower Compact? (1st step toward self-government in English Colonies)

4 What was the name of the Native American that welcomed the colonists? (Samoset)

4 What was the Plimouth Plantation? (History of Pilgrims in New England and how they got there)

4 Where did the Pilgrims anchor before going ashore? (Tip of Cape Cod, Provincetown)

4 Who gave the Pilgrims money to travel to North America? (London Merchants)

4 Who led a group of people out of MA? (Reverend Thomas Hooker)

4 Who was the Native Indian Chief that offered help and hospitality to the Pilgrims? (Massasoit)

4 Who was the Native Indian that showed the colonists where to hunt and fish and how to raise corn? (Squanto)

4 Who wrote the Plimouth Plantation? (William Bradford)

4 What reason did the Pilgrims move from England to New England? (Separate from Church of England) What were they called? (Separatists)