Who was Matoaka? (Pocahontas) ("The Lady Rebecca")

Pocahontas belonged to what Indian tribe? (Powhatan)

The Powhatan Indian tribe lived on the coast of what State? (Virginia)

Who pleaded for Captain John Smiths life? (Pocahontas)

Who was lured onto an English ship and taken to Jamestown? (Pocahontas)

After Pocahontas was batized what was her new name? ("The Lady Rebecca")

What did Pocahonta’s father do to get Pocahontas back from the English? (He eturned the captured English Colonists)

After Pocahontas married John Rolfe, where did they move to? (England)

What was Giovanni Caboto’s English name? (John Cabot)

John Cabot was an………….(Italian Sea Captain)

Who sailed across the North Atlantic twice? (John Cabot)

Who claimed New Found Land for the English? (John Cabot)

Who claimed the North Atlantic Coast for England? (John Cabot)

What is the New Found Land that John Cabot claimed, called today? (New foundland)

Who encouraged Sea Dogs to raid Spanish settlements and ships? (Queen Elizabeth I)

Who sailed the Straights of Magellan? (Sir Francis Drake)

Who attacked the Spanish Settlements? (Sir Francis Drake)

Who sailed the Pacific so his riches would not be captured? (Sir Francis Drake)

Who sailed around the world in 1580? (Sir Francis Drake)


What did King Phillip do? (Invaded England)

What was the Invincible Armada? (Large Fleet of ships)

The English drove the Spanish away from ……….. (England)

England was interested in colonizing what area of land? (North America)

What 4 countries planted colonies on the Atlantic Coast? (England, France, Netherlands, Sweden)

Who searched for Northwest Passage? (Martin Frobisher)

Who bought ore that he thought was gold? (Martin Frobisher)

How many voyages did Frobisher take to mine gold for England? (Martin Frobisher)

What was the ore that Martin Frobisher tried to claim as gold? (Fools Gold)

Who was Sir Walter Raleigh? (Sea Captain)

What did Sir Walter Raleigh want to do in Northern Ireland? (Plant English Colonies)

What Island did Sir Walter Raleigh chose to settle instead of Northern Ireland? (Roanoke Island)

What did Sir Walter Raleigh do with his settlement that others hadn’t done? (Chose men, woman & children as colonists)

Where is/was Roanoke Island? (North Carolina)

Who was put in charge of the expedition on Roanoke Island? (John White)

Why did John White name the colony Virginia? (Grandaughter born in colony and was named Virginia)

Who was the first English child born in the United States? (Virginia Dare)

When John White returned to the Island colony 3 years later what did he discover? (The colonists were gone)

What is the "Lost Colony"? (When John White returned to the colony, all the colonists were gone)


What is Joint -stock companies? ( Companies formed when people buy shares of stock and receive part of the profits earned)

What was the purpose of Joint-stock Companies? (To start colonies)

Where were the 3 colonies started by Joint-stock companies? (West Indies, Canada, United States)


What country was King James I a ruler of? (England)

Who gave Charter to Virginia Company in London? (King James I)

What were the 3 Company ships sent to North America by King James I with supplies? (Susan Constant, Godspeed, Discovery)

Who was the Jamestown settlement/colony named in honor of? (King James I)

Why was Jamestown a "wrong settlement"? (Flimsy shelters, much sickness, failed crop and scarce foods)

Was the first winter in Jamestown like? (It was a very hard winter for the colonists because of the flimsy shelters, sickness and scarce foods)

Who saved Jamestown? (John Smith)

Who forced the colonists to work at Jamestown so the settlers wouldn’t die? (John Smith)

Who forced the Jamestown colonists to get food from the indians so they wouldn’t die? (John Smith)

During the "starving time" of Jamestown, what were the settlers/colonists forced to eat? (roots & snakes)

What was the unexpected profit that was made at Jamestown? (tobacco)


What was Oronoco? (Tobacco)

Where did John Rolfe get his tobacco from? (Venezuela)

Who was the first to plant tobacco to Virginia? (John Rolfe)

What did John Rolfe do after he raised his tobacco crop? (sold it to Europe)

Who did John Rolfe sell his tobacco to? (London)

After the Virginians saw that money could be made from growing tobacco, what did they do? (They started to grow tobacco crops for money)

What is a plantation? (Cash crops)

What was the cash crop for Virginians? (Tobacco)

Africans arrived at Jamestown on a ________________ ship that had been blown off course. (Dutch)

The Dutch exchanged Africans for what? (food and supplies)

How many Africans were exchanged for food and water by the Dutch? (20)

The Africans that were exchanged for food and water by the Dutch were not slaves, but ………(Servants)

The Africans that were exchanged for food and water by the Dutch and used as Servants could earn what? (Their freedom)

Who was William Tucker? (First black child to be born in English Colony)

What was short in supply when more and more plantations were being established? (laborers)

What was firmly established in English Colonies in America in the 1660’s? (Slavery)


Name the two kinds of Government. ( House of Burgesses, Self Government)

Define House of Burgesses. ("Free Citizen" in England, Gave white landowners chance to make laws)

Define Self Government. (People rule themselves)

Who mistrusted Self-Government? (King James I)

Who hated tobacco? (King James I)

Who formed a Royal Colony? (King James I)

What is a Royal Colony? (Ruled under the Kings control)