8th Science

Oceanography Bingo

Questions / Answers


  1. Process that keeps things moving? (Diastrophism)
  2. The ocean is considered this ________ ("Earth’s Soup")
  3. Chemistry symbol for water. (H2O)
  4. Chemistry symbol for gold. (AU)
  5. Chemistry symbol for Aluminum. (AL)
  6. 71 - 72% of the Earth is covered by______ (Oceans)
  7. This is shrinking about 1" a year. (Pacific Coast)
  8. 67% of this is in Northern Hemisphere. (Land)
  9. Warm and Cold are two type of these. (Ocean Currents)
  10. Oceans are ________ (Regulators).
  11. Oceans are our primary source of what? (Water)
  12. Ocean has the largest reservoir of this. (Carbon)
  13. Oceans regulate our ________ (Climate).
  14. Oceans also regulate our food _____ (Source)
  15. Oceans have a large supply of __________ (Minerals)
  16. Oceans provided the Pilgrims with a source of ______ (Transportation).
  17. The center of the Earth as two of these. (Cores)
  18. FREE
  19. Which of the Earth’s core is liquid and has a magnetic field? (Outer Core)
  20. This is directly related to the density of a substance. (Specific Gravity)
  21. Specific Gravity is measured in what formula? (g/cm3)
  22. Earth’s interior is arranged by what? (Density)
  23. The Earth’s mantle has three of these. (Zones)
  24. The Earth’s mantle makes of 68% of Earths _________ (Interior)
  25. This is the inner most mantle layer. (Mesosphere)
  26. This is the middle mantle layer. (Asthenosphere)
  27. This is the outer most layer of the mantle. (Lithosphere)
  28. This mantle zone is solid and has a Specific Gravity of 5g/cm3. (Mesosphere)
  29. This mantle zone is plastic-like, tar-like and can be molded. (Asthenosphere)
  30. In the Asthenosphere, you can find rock in the form of liquid. (Magma)
  31. Asthenosphere is where you can find this kind of activity. (Volcanic)
  32. In the Lithosphere, you will find two types of these. (Crusts)
  33. The Lithosphere is a liquid or a solid? (Solid)
  34. Which of the Earth’s core is solid and contains Iron and Nickel? (Inner Core)
  35. Thin Veneer and Ocean Basin are two types of this. (Earth’s crust)