Group Presentations:

United States Constitution



  1. Goals / Objectives:
  2. To learn the purpose, usage and content of the U.S. Constitution

    To learn and use cooperative-group-effort skills needed for presentations.

    To learn decision-making and problem-solving strategies to achieve a desired outcome by choosing, planning, documenting, and presenting projects.

    To learn leadership skills and develop a team concept.

  3. Requirements:
  4. U.S. Constitution will be the themes of presentations. (1 article or amendment that strongly effects the constitution)

    Group leaders will be assigned.

    Each group will cooperatively research, choose, and plan a presentation. Presentations will be approved by me.

    Each group is required to document all daily activities in a journal / log.

  5. Grades / Evaluations
  6. Each student will be graded individually based on their behavior, cooperation, participation, and willingness to learn. (BCPW)

    Daily log / journal of all group activities (required daily) and will be turned in daily.

    Rubrics scoring guide will be used to evaluate final presentations. (See attached guide)

  7. Due dates of specific assignments:

1/11: Journals

1/12: Pre-plan of presentation (Plan-of-Attack)

Supply list


1/13: Journals

1/14: Journals

1/15: Journals

1/16 - 1/19: Presentations (presentations will be 15 - 30 minutes)

1/20: Self-evaluations for each student


Group leaders

Leads group

Chooses who documents


Makes sure problems are resolved

Guides others in his/her group


Daily Journals


Topics discussed

Planning ideas