8th Language Arts

Rubric for Response To Literature

26 October 1999


  1. This piece of writing demonstrates how effectively you can respond in writing to a book or story you've read. It should include:
  1. An introductory statement

After reading your introductory paragraph, the reader will know:

** Paragraph written in an interesting or unique way ("hook") - 5

  1. A summary

After reading your summary paragraph, the reader will know:

** Used specific details, insights, or examples to make theme connection - 10

  1. A personal connection

After reading your personal connections paragraph, the reader will know how a character or insights about the theme relates to you or someone in your life.

  1. After reading your concluding paragraph, the reader will have a clear understanding of an opinion you have concerning the book and / or the author.


  1. 5. Accurate use of writing conventions : less than six errors - 10





  1. Attached draft with evidence of revisions, self-editing and proofing - 10