8th Science

5 January 1999

Class Notes


Pangea - Super Contintent

Convergence - Come together

Divergence - Moving apart

Wilson's Cycle - Stages of ocean development

Geostation Plotting - Charts movements of Earth's countries/continents

Atlantic Ocean - Area of divergence

Pacific Ocean - Area of convergence



  1. Embroyonic Stage
  2. Beginning

    Land rifts form (uplift)

    (Remember the sheet of paper (shown in class) slowly being pushed together, forming a rise).

    Convergence takes place

  3. Juvenile Stage
  4. Seas form

    Divergence (seas being created into an ocean due to divergence; moving continents further apart (Plate tectonics)

  5. Mature Stage
  6. Sea becomes an ocean


    (example: Atlantic Ocean)

  7. Declining Stage
  8. Convergence

    (example: Pacific Ocean)

    Islands form on parameter of ocean

    (Pacific Ocean is mature and is a declining stage)

  9. Terminal Stage
  10. Ocean dies and becomes a sea

    (North America moves over and creates a sea)


    (Uplift occurs)

  11. Suturing Stage

Sea is gone


Mountains form

(After uplift, land joined back together)


Before Continental Drift, there were only 2 major oceans, now there are 4.