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Adobe Acrobat Reader
You probably already have some version of this on your machine and dont know it. Adobe Acrobat's PDF format has quickly become one of the most widespread internet document formats right under the Gif, Jpg, and Zip files. This is version 4.05 and will open all PDF files posted on our site. We will try and keep an updated copy online, but for more information check out the Adobe Website.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0
Quite possibly the best internet browser available. Tighter and more compact than Netscape, it is the browser Teacher Tools was designed with. I would highly suggest this download.

Microsoft Word Viewer
Simple to operate viewer program that allows those who do not have access to Microsoft Word the ability to view and print Word Format documents. Essential for some of the resources on this site.

Vue Print Pro
This is what I consider to be the best image viewer on the market. It used to be extremely popular and has somewhat wained over time. I could not get along without it. Allows you to view directories of images in either slideshow or thumbnail view. Also opens pretty much any image format. We try and keep a current version online, but you can find more information about it at Vue Print Homepage.

An inexpensive Teacher Office Suite with gradebook, exam editor, reports, word searches, and more. Online capabilities make this a great resource for today's teacher.

Make Me Smart
Make Me Smart is an web-based platform that allows teachers to place materials into the database for retrival by the students via a web browser. A great option for homeschooling or remediation. Some fees are assessed for the various services provided.

Microsoft in Education
Microsoft has a variety of teacher resources, including technology lesson plans, downloadable guides, and a cool FREE CD set called Teaching and Learning with Microsoft. The CD can be found on the Products link under Special Offers.

Report Designer
A really neat program that lets you choose report card comments from its database or make your own. Great for parent conferences and progress reports. A free trial download is available, however, registration is $50 (CAN) or approximately $34 (US).

Resource Room Software
Here is a list of software that I use in my K-3 resource room. I have tried to give a description of each product and to explain why I find the software to be beneficial to my students.

Thinkwave Educator
Thinkwave Educator is an excellent gradebook software program.

Worksheet Factory
A great freeware/shareware site that has worksheet generators for math and vocabulary. Program is easy to use and creates nice looking, customized worksheets in minutes!

An excellent source of shareware, freeware, and demos for all subjects.