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Awithlaknanni - Mark Temple
Awithlaknanni is a traditional Zuni Indian wargame. It is a cross between checkers and pente, and will provide hours of fun. The playing board includes instructions and was designed as a file folder game. Laminate the game for increased durability. For playing pieces, your best choice is flat floral decoration stones (pente stones) which can be found at Discount Stores(Wal-Mart), Florists, and Hobby Shops. You need two different colors of stones if you choose this route. Another great idea for playing pieces is pennies and dimes. A sheet of printable "stones" is included. Another idea for this game, other than for your classroom, is to keep your own kids busy in the car. You can purchase sticky back velcro, place small dots on each intersection and on the back of the "stones", and give it to the kids to enjoy.

Chessboard Games - Mark Temple
Soon this item will have lots of different games you can play with the chessboard. Right now I just have the chessboard ready so I am going ahead and posting it. The chessboard is designed as a file folder game.

Cross Number Puzzle One - Shelli Temple
This is a varriation on the classic cross word puzzles but with numbers instead. This puzzle deals with addition of two or more numbers. To the right are both the blank puzzle and the corresponding key.

Cross Number Puzzle Two - Shelli Temple
This is a varriation on the classic cross word puzzles but with numbers instead. This puzzle deals with addition and subtraction. To the right are both the blank puzzle and the corresponding key.

EduBall: Gridiron in the Classroom - Mark Temple
EduBall is a football styled board game that has players battling each other to get the most touchdowns. Touchdowns are scored by answering questions relating any subject area. This game can be taylored for mathematics just as easily as it can for language arts or social studies. EduBall also makes the perfect before test cram session for your classroom. Available for download is everything you need to set up an EduBall playing board and begin playing the game. There are two version of the board available, Single Page and Split Page suitable for a file folder game.

Fox and Geese - Mark Temple
Fox and Geese is a two-player hunting game played with 17 geese and 1 fox. Since the fox is at such a "disadvantage", he earns the ability to move first. Place the stones on the playing board as shown in one of the attachments at the right. The fox has total freedom of movement. He can kill the geese by jumping over them onto an empty space. The geese, however, can only move forward (straight or diagonally), never backward. The geese may not jump over the fox or other geese. The geese try to trap the fox by surronding him where he cannot move. The fox wins if he can capture all the geese. The geese wins if it can surround or corner the fox where he can't move. Designed as a file folder game, but as before, can be modified to a car game.

Multiplication Hockey - Colleen Gallagher
Print the attached sheet and cut out the puck. Divide the class into two team. Play starts with a face-off in the center. Two members of opposing teams are given the same multiplication problem. The first one to answer the problem correctly, advances the buck to the black line on the opponent's side of the rink towards his or her scoring goal. If the same team answers the next two problems correctly, the puck will go to the goal line, then to the goal. If the opponents take a problem, the puck is advanced one line toward their scoring goal. Play continues until each team member has had several turns. One point is scored for each goal. The team with the highest score wins...

Nine Men's Morris - Mark Temple
The first reported Nine Men's Morris game board dates back to 1400 b.c. to an ancient egyptian temple. During the Bronze Age, the game was carried to Ireland by traders and from there it has been passed through-out the world. The game is a variation on the "war game" them with players trying to build "Mills" in order to remove thier opponents pieces from the board. The gameboard included was designed as a file folder game. Also included is a set of rules and printable stones. This game works best with flat floral stones (pente stones), but can even be made into a car game with the use of velcro tabs on the stones and each play point.

Solitaire - Mark Temple
I remember spending several hours as a child playing this game, trying to figure out its secret. Place either pente stones or the paper "stones" provided on all spaces other than the center space. The object is to jump the stones, either horizontally or vertically, but not diagonally, and to remove the stone jumped. If you end up with only one stone in the center space, you have won the game. Otherwise, try again. Guaranteed to give you many hours of enjoyment and frustration. Good Luck!

Spiderz Web - Crazy Puzzle - Mark Temple
A fun version of the classic "Crazy Puzzle". You have seen these commercially and now you can make as many copies for your classroom as you want. Simply print this out, cut along the faint black lines between the 9 squares and you are ready to go. For a stronger tile try gluing to foamcore or laminating. Puzzle does not translate well into black and white.

Yote - Mark Temple
An African original, Yote is a game similar to checkers. Players take turns placing their playing pieces in any unoccupied space. All pieces do not have to be in place before players are allowed to move. In order to move, players take turns moving a piece either forward, backward, left, or right. Diagonal moves are not allowed. As in checkers, pieces are captured by jumping over it into an empty space on the board. Again, this game is designed as a file folder game which can be modified for a car game by adding velcro to the game board and playing pieces.

Board Games for ESL learners
Four pages of free printable board games for ESL learners.

Brain Binders
A great paper-folding puzzle page that only requires a piece of paper and a brain! Great for warm-ups, learning centers, extra credit challenges and more!

Cardboard Cognition
An excellent source of ideas for educational card and board games. A content/age matrix is also available on site.

Free Board Games
An really neat site with directions on how to make and play over 15 original board games.

Games for the Math Classroom
A variety of board, counter, coin, domino, and pencil games to reinforce mathematic and logic skills.

Games Kids Play
Can't remember the rules to the games you played as a kid? You've found the right place to go! This site is packed with rules to those old favorites!

Preschool File Folder Games
Tons of file folder games for preschool. FREE!

An extremely useful site for all teachers, puzzlemaker.com allows you to create word searches, fill in's, math puzzles, and much more! Great for spelling lists, first day activities, emergency lesson plans, or as a time filler.

The HomeSchool Hutt
A collection of excellent FREE file folder games that you download and put together.

Theseus and the Minotaur Mazes
If you are looking for some VERY HIGHLY challenging logic puzzles then look no further. Theseus and the Minotaur are a series of Java Applet mazes that you control from the website, each maze increases in difficulty. The first maze alone should keep you trying combinations for several minutes until you get it right. The concepts are easy enough for a primary student to understand and enjoy but I have ranked the difficulty of the mazes at Intermediate and above just because I fear many younger viewers would find the constant resetting the puzzle frustrating and disheartening.